Tony Martin Award for Leadership Excellence.

Tony Martin Award for Leadership Excellence. Named after the Scarborough priest who spent the best years of his life in organizing and nurturing co-operatives

in the Visayas region, the Tony Martin Leadership Award”seeks to honor a co-operator who has demonstrated exemplary performance as volunteer co-operative leader. To qualify for this award, a leader must exemplify the values of voluntarism and made significant contributions to the promotion and development of co-operativism and its social agenda of freedom,justice and nationalism

Tony Martin Award for Leadership Excellence. Past Recipients

The Late Ret.Judge Esperanza F. Garcia

Adolfo Ybanez

Zenaida Novabos

Judith B. Salcedo

• Send us your nominations for the best Coop Leader. Five (5) leaders will be chosen to win the award! Each recipient of the award will receive P20,000!.

• Send your nominees to


  • The Anthony Martin Foundation is a private, family-owned memorial foundation dedicated to preserving the life of Tony Martin; a native of Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland Canada.
  • Funding for the AMF comes from the surviving members of the Martin Family. We do not maintain physical offices nor do we employ a staff.
  • Our foundation relies on volunteers and donations. We are not currently registered as a charitable institution although we are working towards that goal.
  • If you would like to donate, that would be most welcome. Send us an email to get in touch with us.